Are you a Christian with technology skills? LEARN Global needs your help


All gifts donated to LEARN Global help church leaders around the world teach and explain the Bible more accurately and confidently.

What your donation will buy

LEARN Study Pack

LEARN Global offers a range of Christian resources and services to Church leaders. One such bundle is the Electronic Pastor's Study Pack which comprises of:

  1. Electronic Christian Resources
  2. Protective Cover with Keyboard
  3. Solar Charger
  4. Powerbank
  5. LED Night Light
  6. 10-inch E-Library

This special pack includes electronic Bibles, Bible dictionaries, commentaries, spiritual devotionals, aids and guides, and everything a Church leader needs. It costs £150 and will enable a church leader to not only further their Bible study for years to come but also reaches their congregation, family, and friends, and promotes the Gospel to hundreds and thousands within their region. Each item can be donated separately and every donation benefits the building of God's kingdom.

Donate What You Can

Any donation is gratefully received. Donations are processed securely via Donorbox. Please feel free to contact us regarding how your donation will be managed.