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LEARN Software & Apps


The LEARN suite of software tools enables church leaders to access Christian resources from many devices without having to be online*. For organizations wishing to add content or manage their user information to produce reports, the LEARN Admin app is simple to use yet powerful.

User App


Below are some of the features that the LEARN software can offer your church leaders:

Interactive Bible Multiple Bible translations Search Bible & Ebooks
Bookmark Resources & Bible Verses Save Notes Customized Reading Plans
Progress Charts Completion Certificates Tests & Exams
Interactive Ebook Reader Session-Based Learning Video & Audio Files
Synchronize between Apps Highlight Verses & Text Start where you left off

Android App

Design for Android tablets, this app does not require constant Internet access yet still offers the full functionality of our suite of services.

Smartphone & Computer Web App

Any phone or computer with a modern browser and Internet access can use the Web App. Any bookmarks, notes, tests taken etc. will automatically be available on the Android App when synchronized. 

Admin App

A church organization can add their own resources like ebooks, audio files of sermons, video files, etc. Reading plans can be generated easily and bring together chapters of books, Bible verses, and teaching points to help guide a student through a particular topic. Tests/exams help evaluate how well a student is progressing and all their achievements are available to view in the Reports section.


The Admin App offers many features including:

Interactive reports & charts Add resources securely Print certificates
Manage users & devices Create reading plans Create a series of resources
Process user devices easily Create tests/exams Edit daily Bible verses


To request a demonstration of the LEARN apps please contact us. LEARN Global can help your organization become more effective in assisting your leaders.

* Internet access is required for the Web and Admin Apps. For the Android App, periodic Internet usage is required to download new resources, upload user data, etc.